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A young father had been suffering from bad headaches and keeping his balance. When he received the results that prove to be the dreaded disease. He and his wife did not know what to do first . What doctor is best? Who will help us ? How will I be able to take care of my family ? This is where Ahavas Chesed steps in with medical referrals, transportation back and forth to appointments and help at home for his wife and kids. This is just one of the many medical crises that Ahavas Chesed faces during the year. Unfortunately there has been to many . We continue to say yes when these situations come up but we need your help!

As Yom Kippur approaches we are turning to you to partner with us in our annual Yom Kippur appeal to be able to say yes , yes to all those in our community who have been faced with these medical crises. Lives changes in a split second when a loved one falls ill or an accident occurs. Seeing a loved one suffer is painful and hard to watch, Ahavas Chesed will lend a shoulder to lean on when things seem bleak. Yes to arranging transportation and blood transfusions , yes to advocating for patience and feeding the needy, Ahavas Chesed is there. We are there day or night providing expert medical referrals, negotiating medical expenses so all can be treated regardless of their ability to pay.

We need your financial support in order to continue providing emergency medical aid to hundreds of jews in crises all year long. Ahavas Chesed can not be this lifeline without all your support. Please help us continue to say yes we can. A Gmar Chasima Tova , May g-d grant all a year of health and happiness for you and your family.

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